Made in Russia

About Us

Here we want to introduce ourselves. Who we are, what we do and what we want.

You will find here some legal advises, which are necessary, as well.

Novosibirsk, far away in Siberia, is well known to you. Direct beside Novosibirsk there is the small industrial city of Berdsk, where we settled. Here we develop our company to hold our products on the newest technical level to satisfy our customer.

To be nearer to our European customer we have opened an office in Moscow. From there we support the European part of Russia and the European countries. We are building up cooperation's with partner in other countries, which will be one of our main goals.

When you surf through this website you will recognize, that our work is a joy for us and you are right with that. Our work is a joy for us which enables us to reach daily good results.

We bring these achievements for our customers, who are the largest capital in our company.

Without their support Artstamp would not have been possible. Therefore we would like to thank at this place at all our customers for their confidence and support.

If you are not an Artstamp customer yet we would be happy if you become one and we can assure you already now a reliable, high quality delivery with fair prices.

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